Brandon Q. Morris on the Internet and in social media Book

Brandon Q. Morris on the Internet and in social media

Quando ho pubblicato il mio primo libro anni fa, il piano era chiaro: ci sarebbe stato anche un sito web per il libro, più forse una newsletter, e probabilmente doveva esserci anche una pagina Facebook. Beh, il mondo è cambiato. Preferisco essere dove sono i miei lettori - e questo significa che ora potete trovarmi anche su molte altre piattaforme. Ma dopo tutto, sarebbe noioso se si leggesse e vedesse la stessa cosa ovunque. Quindi è il momento di una piccola panoramica: Dove potete trovare cosa da Brandon Q. Morris e quanto spesso? Website: Cosa: Le ultime notizie…
What is hard science fiction, anyway? Astrophysics

What is hard science fiction, anyway?

Brandon Q. Morris writes hard science fiction. But what does that actually mean? I like to explain it this way: What happens in my books could happen in reality. There are no laws of physics that would prevent it. You could also call it "realistic" science fiction, although the fiction remains, of course. In the end, it is a story that I tell. Apart from the degree of hardness (more on that below), hard science fiction also tends to depict the conflict between the hero and the environment (in the form of the universe and its manifold phenomena) instead of…
The Milky Way meets a sausage Book

The Milky Way meets a sausage

Eight to ten billion years ago, thus, in its youth, our Milky Way apparently had a fateful encounter: it crossed paths with another, significantly smaller galaxy. The researchers who discovered this gave the smaller galaxy the name “Sausage Galaxy,” but this is perhaps a little unfair, because in reality it had a similar elliptical shape as the Milky Way. The name “Sausage” came from the way the collision was proven. To do this, astronomers examined the distribution of velocities of the stars in the Milky Way. This showed that a sausage-shaped group of stars with similar patterns of motion…